Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Do Not Buy Unidentifiable Meat

I know I am not to buy meat that I can’t identify for Ted to eat.  In the first place, I don’t eat meat other than fish.  In the second, I don’t read Japanese.  The murky area comes where I think it is something I can identify and it isn’t what I thought it to be.  I bought this at Haruki for Ted.

It says “Sausage”.  In English.  I thought it was some kind of meat to be eaten at breakfast.  When Ted opened it up, it smelled like fish, but still looked like pork. It looked like a miniature hot dog.  He cooked it with eggs for breakfast and it tasted like fish, not pork sausage. Ted likes real fish, but not fish flavored sausage.

Do not buy unidentifiable meat. I repeat, do not buy unidentifiable meat.


  1. Oh dear! I too did exactly the same thing in my early days in Japan. I'm with Ted on this one - those sausages are imposters!

  2. Could it really be mentaiko? I never tried it when I lived there so I really don't know...