Monday, October 29, 2012

The Luncheon Report

All went well yesterday and I had a good time. I wanted things to be as nice as they could be, with my limited space and dishes and all.  Ted was a big help with getting things ready.

With the folding fish chairs, I had seven seats, although it was a bit tight on floor space.  I arranged things so that even with the plate in the lap, there was a place for the cup to sit.

We have two pairs of guest slippers, plus the decorated hotel disposable slippers.  Ted brought a pair home from his office, just in case an extra person came. I was using Ted’s little side table between two chairs, so I put the sashiko table runner in the entryway with the little pins.

I had planned to make deviled eggs, but the eggs didn’t peel nicely, so they became egg salad. I made egg salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, potato salad, waldorf salad, and bought bread, and had coffee and hot jasmine tea to drink.  I made little cards with the name of the salads in English and hiragana.

Two cars parked at the university and Ted met the people who rode in them and walked them to our apartment.  (He was probably glad to be spending the afternoon out.)
They all brought food too! Maybe they didn’t understand I was making food?  We had plenty to eat, that’s for sure.

The five women from last week came, plus the daughter of one of them.  She has traveled to the US and her English is very good.  All of the women in this group are well traveled and they told me about some of the places they’ve been: China, Tibet, Singapore, what was then called Burma, Thailand, Tanzania, Austria, Morocco, to name a few places.  They looked at my needlework and all told me they couldn’t do it because of a condition which translated to “farsightedness due to advanced age”.

They brought me these flowers and plants as gifts. 

I had everything cleaned up by the time Ted returned and he was glad there was still some leftover food. It was a good day.

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  1. I am so pleased you had a good time. No doubt you are feeling really tired after all that but how worthwhile. Everybody looks as if they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.