Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainy Sunday and My Next Stitching Project

It was a rainy dark day yesterday.  When the raindrops let up a bit, we walked to a nearby park and enjoyed a walk around the lake.

There was one other person at the park, an elderly man who asked if he could take our picture with our camera.  We were happy he asked.

We eat miso soup often in the winter, but hadn’t had any since the snow melted.  It was the perfect dinner last night.

What am I stitching now?
My Mary and Bess kits arrived, but I’m not feeling much like stitching on them or Elizabeth right now.  I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying anything else from Gay Ann Rogers.  After she accepted my money for the kits, I emailed her in response to an email she sent me.  Her rude response was that she didn’t have time to bother with me, to figure it out myself.  I was shocked.  I don’t expect to receive this from anyone but especially not from someone I had just spent a large amount of money with.  If she was busy that day, there was a more appropriate way to say that she was busy, or she could have just not responded at all.  I will get back to these projects, but right now they are leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I pulled out this Bee Bellpull project.  It was a class I took with the Laurel EGA chapter in Henderson NC.  The teacher and designer is Marion Scoular.  I have taken several classes with her and she is always very entertaining. The project is hardanger on congress cloth, worked in hand. I've done a little in each bee, but haven't finished any of them yet. Marion’s piece had the queen bee the same color as the four regular bees below, but I decided to make my queen bee more colorful.


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  1. How nice to get a picture of the two of you together. Our thanks too, to the elderly man!
    The bees look lovely and I hope they sweeten your day.