Monday, October 15, 2012

Big Gomi Day and Moon Dragon Progress

Twice a year, the city does a big garbage (gomi) collection.  People put out all kinds of big things that they can’t put in the regular trash pick-up.  You could furnish a house by by picking up what people throw out. Some of it really is trash, but a lot, maybe most, is perfectly good. In the US, you would donate this stuff to a charity thrift shop or hold a yard sale. We don’t need anything and don't have much room, but I couldn’t resist going to look at what was thrown out.  I was amazed at the furniture and luggage and sports equipment and so much more! As you’ve probably guessed, I did find a few things I had to bring home.  Last year we didn’t have a Christmas tree and we missed it.  We saw some huge (and expensive) artificial trees at the Big American Store (Costco), but they were too big for our apartment (and too expensive).  Ted saw one small tree at a Second Hand Store for 1000 yen, but he didn’t think I’d like it. I was  very excited to see this box with artificial tree stuff poking out in the gomi pile.

I opened the box and there are three sections of tree.  I hope they fit together!  It’s not as nice as the tree we had in the US, but it will be better than no tree.  I also found these Japanese dishes. I’m happy with my treasures.

I’ve worked a bit on the dragon body and legs. The legs on the moon dragon are the same pattern as the sun dragon, just done in a different color. After I get the first layer done, I’ll go over some sections to make the legs look more scaly.

Finally, this was the view from our balcony.

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  1. I remember those gomi collections. A friend once found a sewing machine that only needed a bobbin case to make it work. Lucky! Hope you can get your Christmas tree to stand tall. Only a few weeks to go now...