Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walk on a Fall Day

When I was out walking yesterday, it looked and felt like fall. We haven’t had many sunny days lately. The daytime temperatures are in the mid-50’s, getting down to about 40 F at night.

There are a few roses left, but when I stopped to smell them, there was no scent.

I often see this woman on her motor bike delivering yogurt when I am near downtown in the morning.  I noticed she was wearing a jacket yesterday.
I saw this sign for the first time.  I don’t know if it is new or if I just never paid attention to it before. I don’t know why the two P’s aren’t in line with the rest of the letters.

The tree trimmers have been hard at work for several weeks now. After all the small branches are cut off, the snow only collects at the ends of the big branches in big balls, leaving the trees looking like something from Dr. Seuss.

People are already bracing and tying up their trees and bushes to protect them from the weight of the snow.

I haven’t spent much time stitching the last few days.  I’ve worked on this sashiko panel a bit in the evenings.  According to Japanese Country Quilting, Sashiko Patterns and Projects for Beginners by Karen Kim Matsunaga, this pattern is called the hemp leaf (asa no ha) and is often used to decorate babies’ kimonos in hopes that the infants will develop the vigor and strength of the hemp plant.

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  1. So Winter preparations are underway! It is always sad to see the trees getting wrapped but it sure does protect them. I love the hint of red in your sashiko panel. Had never thought of that but certainly adds something special.