Sunday, October 28, 2012

Morning of the Lunch

Just a quick post this morning.  I still have a lot to do. This is what I’ll be serving: pasta salad, potato salad, chicken salad, waldorf salad, deviled eggs, and bread from the Scandanavian bakery. I boiled the eggs last night and have the pasta cooking now.  When it is done, I’ll cook the potatoes.  I have two burners on my stove, but only one big pot for cooking things like pasta, potatoes or eggs. I haven’t heard from my “contact’ in the group, so I don’t know who is parking at the university or if I should go meet them at noon or before.

The chickadee’s lunch is a lot simpler. No dishes to wash.


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  1. I hope your lunch turns out wonderfully! The leaves are looking so pretty here and the birds are flocking to my feeder as well. I love your photos of the little chickadee, one of my favorite birds!