Saturday, October 13, 2012

Starting Another Dragon

I finished the DragonMaster back in the winter and the Sun Dragon a month or so ago. These two projects were classes I took at Calloway School of Needlearts and at the Pittsburgh EGA National Seminar.  I purchased the kit for the Moon Dragon, not taking the class, but until now had not even put the canvas on the stretcher bars.  All of these dragons were designed by Dorothy Lesher, who did the line drawing on the canvas. Let the stitching begin.


  1. I'm glad to see these Dorothy Lesher dragons grow. Have you posted photos of the finished earlier ones or did I just miss that?

    Happy stitching during the Year of the Dragon!

  2. Yes, I have posted the earlier finished pictures. The Sun Dragon is at (Sept 15th) and the DragonMaster at (January 24th). In the posts preceding the finish post there are photos of the progress. Thanks for looking!