Friday, October 19, 2012

Yamazaki Winery

Ted and I went with another outdoor life professor and a group of students to pick grapes at a nearby winery.  I don’t know if this is a class or community service or just volunteer work, but it’s something the students do.  Ted went last year before I arrived in Hokkaido and it was fun, so we did it this year.

They had scissors and gloves to use. We cut the bunches of grapes and put them in the plastic containers, moving down the rows.  It was kind of cloudy at first but the sun came out and it was a nice afternoon. There are always new things to do and see in Hokkaido.


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  1. So Autumn is coming to Hokkaido. Your grape harvest looks as if it really was an enjoyable day. Fresh air, fun and activity are a splendid combination aren't they. The snowy months will mean plenty of time for stitching so enjoy the outdoors while you can :-)