Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Big Adventure in Sapporo

Yesterday we left the house early. We took the bus to Sapporo, then bought the subway pass available on weekends, so we could go everywhere in Sapporo all day for 520 yen.

Our first  destination was the annual Hokkaido International School flea market. We both went last year and I went by myself the year before. We bought some books (in English) and Ted bought a taco and drink.

Ted took a time out on the way back to the subway to take a ride on this motorcycle.  He also carried our loot from the flea market.

Next - the zoo!  We love going to the zoo and have annual passes for the Maruyama Zoo so it doesn’t cost anything to go.

The zoo was busy because besides being a nice Saturday, there is a baby polar bear that has just recently gone on exhibit with its mother.  The baby was born December 21, 2014 and is the eighth baby born to this 20 year old mother.  We went to the polar bear area three times, but they were napping every time.

We made our way around to see the rest of the animals.

After the zoo, we had dinner at the Ren Ren Ren Chinese restaurant.

It was another fun day in the big city.


  1. I'm loving seeing your Sapporo adventures.

  2. There you go having fun, again! Thanks for sharing, I like that polar bear mom and her cub just napping with
    all that luxurious fur, cozy.

  3. What a fun day!! The polar bears remind me of when my saints were young and they snuggled together.