Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Stitch Group Biscornu

The stitch group started a new project this week - a little Christmas tree biscornu, like this one, only on a bigger count white fabric.

We are planning to take a weaving class together next month, so we had to check the calendar to find a date that works for everyone.  Won't that be fun!

Thank you!


  1. you are in such a fun group here Pamela trying many different projects,i love the biscornu.

  2. A pin cushion biscornu Christmas tree ornament - it is such a good idea!
    Weaving is also a great acctivity, I hope you find a date to suit all.

  3. Wonderful idea. I'm looking forward to the biscornus.

  4. What a lovely project Pamela... can't wait to see the biscornu !