Saturday, September 24, 2016

Shizuoka Snack

It seems that every area in Japan has special foods and snacks.  Besides green tea, I learned these snacks are a specialty of Shizuoka.  

They are hard to describe, but I will try -- they are made from rice and are pink for sakura, with a sweet kind of glaze on the outside. This bag was a gift to me from stitchers. What a nice treat!  (It's a good thing I ate them before going to the hospital because I can't eat them now.)


  1. The packaging is scrumptious all by itself.
    Sweet treat!

  2. they look a bit like marshmallows Pamela,hope you have a lovely day xx

    1. They are crunchy, but very light and air filled.

  3. Local specialities are great for tourism and boosting the local economy.

  4. Well, like I always say, If It's Pink, It Must Be Good!!
    xx, Carol

    Hope you are mending nicely.