Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hospital Food

In the hospital, I wasn't allowed to eat from Sunday noon until Thursday lunch.  This is what I was served when I was able to eat again. 

Thursday lunch - rice gruel in closed container

Thursday dinner - rice gruel in the open bowl

Friday breakfast

Friday lunch

Friday dinner

Saturday breakfast

Saturday lunch

I've often heard that hospital food is bad.  (Maybe that's just hospital food in the US?) I didn't know what all of it was, but it did taste good.  I wasn't able to eat everything each meal - it was just too much!    

Have you ever eaten hospital food?  What did you think of it - good or not?


  1. Hi Pamela ,certainly looks different to our food here,my hubby was in hospital earlier this year,and it was just normal food he was having ,there was always something for dessert,which he enjoyed,lol xx

  2. After not having eaten for half a week, ANYTHING tastes good. I found that after my surgery. Did you have access to a toaster for your bread?

  3. Well, the food at our local hospitals is pretty darned good. All of them around here have changed the way they serve food. You can call the kitchen until 7 at night and order from a menu much like a restaurant menu. Quite a change to the way they used to serve food. Terry and I have actually stopped at the hospital cafeteria to eat instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant. The food is good, healthily prepared and inexpensive. AND the eating area is kept clean.

  4. My hubby was in hospital earlier in the year and he had a choice of three things each meal time, plus wine or beer...they also had a cafe you could go to and get sandwiches, sushi, hot food coffee etc. Obviously you had to pay at the cafe but the choice and food was wonderful.

  5. I was surprised to see your blog after a long time.
    I'm wishing for your health and happiness.