Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Have you heard the expression “One thing leads to two”? It’s the story of my life.
It started with wanting to put away the winter boots and clothes.  In the US, I had an American sized closet with a hanging rod and a regular dresser with drawers, so I kept all my clothes out year round. Plus, most of my clothes could be worn year round.  Here, we have a Japanese closet and a lot of winter specific clothes, so it makes more sense to put away the winter stuff and control the clutter.  Well, one thing led to two, and I emptied the closet so I could pack away the winter stuff and refold the clothes.

Then I decided to empty the bedroom and vacuum really well and clean everything.

I won’t show you a picture of the huge mess that was in the living room with barely a walkway to get to the kitchen or the bathroom.

The closet and the bedroom are back in order. The winter stuff is in the bottom section. You can see the differences in the kind of closets we have here. There’s no hanging rod and there are three cross-way sections, with three sliding panels on the top and three for the bottom part.  We’re still using our moving boxes as dividers for our clothes, but after we get a car we might get some kind of real shelves for the closet. It’s hard to carry that kind of thing home on the bus or when you are walking.

The bedroom is organized, now for the rest of the apartment….

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