Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Little Toolie Things

Every stitcher needs little toolie things.  It’s hard to be a stitcher without them.  Maybe impossible.

Okuda San is new to stitching and didn’t have any little toolie things.  We are working to fix that.  To get started with a few little toolie things, I made up a simple little needle case, pin keep, and scissor fob to teach.  The only thing better than little toolie things are little toolie things that match.

This shows the finished needle case open and the second needle case before it is put together. 

Okuda San is using yellow, yellowish orange and light green as her three colors. I bought this wonderful banded linen from Susan Greening Davis. She finds all kinds of unique things on her needlework trips/tours. You can find out more about her here -

The Secret Garden
I’ve been reading a lot of books on my iPod – mostly mysteries and classics. One book that I recently finished was one that I loved as a child, The Secret Garden.  Here are some photos of my needlework necessary of the same name. This piece was designed by Lauren Sauer.

Cover of closed garden

partly open, showing robin on garden gate

gate open to show hidden needles
open flat to show inside

open flat


Kathryn F said...

I love it! Matching little toolie things -- and not just a couple, but many sets!! I agree, it is definitely a requirement of being a stitcher!

Karen said...

Little toolie things are the best! I love your little sets. They go with your little toolies very nicely. :)

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous little toolie things, my dear - thanks for sending me the link.