Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty as a (Finished) Peacock

I really like this piece.  It was fun to work on and pretty to look at.

I just had a few more patterns to finish it. Here’s the branch.

It’s small, but this vine with leaves was the most difficult part of the whole thing. The leaves have only a few full stitches, and a lot of compensating.  The vine is made up of random crosses.  Random is harder than it looks!

All that was left was the beak and eye.

Here’s the finished peacock, and the peacock next to the pheasants. These are Tanja Berlin designs and the kits are available on her web site, if you are interested.


Margaret said...

Beautiful. I am amazed at how quickly you stitched this. The inclusion of small amounts of colour really add to this without destroying the stark simplicity that is the beauty of blackwork. Well done!

Shami Immanuel said...

So pretty. I should give black work a try. Have some designs on my Pinterest board. Adding a little bit of colour to black work adds more beauty to black work.