Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update on Fox Rental Management, Clayton North Carolina

I told you here about the problems we have had with Fox Rental Management and the complaint we filed with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

We just received a Case Status Report in the mail, that says in part:

“ The North Carolina Real Estate Commission at its meeting on March 6, 2013, considered the above-referenced matter and:

X   Authorized the Commission’s Regulatory Affairs Division to commence disciplinary proceedings against Respondent Fox and Fox Rental Management upon finding that probable cause exists to believe that Respondents violated the provisions of G.S. 93A and/or the Rules of the Real Estate Commission. (NOTE: Probable cause is determined by the Real Estate Commission only after a thorough review of the matter, any written response furnished by the Respondent(s), and the results of any investigation by the Commission’s auditors or investigators.) …”

 It’s been almost a year since we filed our complaint with the NC Real Estate Commission, but I am pleased with their thoroughness.  I don’t know what the disciplinary proceedings will consist of, but hopefully no one else will have to go through what we have.

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