Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scrap Penny Candle Mat Start

This was a guild project at my former guild in North Carolina.  My friend Rhoda thought I’d like the project too, so she sent me a kit with the wool felt and instructions, plus her notes from the class. (She sent it a long time ago, but I just started working on it.)


I do like it! The only stitch involved is the blanket stitch, which isn’t so difficult (except for the part about getting all the stitch lengths the same).  The hardest thing for me is cutting out the parts! I haven’t taken the pattern off the black mat part because I still need to trim the scallops a bit.  I’m not trimming the “pennies” any more because they will be too small to stitch if I do.  I’ve decided they will look more primitive and authentic if they aren’t so perfectly round. So far I have three little pennies stitched to their big pennies, using two strands of DMC floss in color 422.

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Margaret said...

I haven't really had much experience with stitching on felt so will be following this with interest. At least I now understand what is meant by a penny quilt!