Friday, April 12, 2013

The Sock is on the Foot

I think the Japanese language is very difficult.  Some days I don’t seem to be able to understand English either.

One of the classes I teach at the English School is made up of four 5-year olds.  The school is like a lot of places in Japan where you take off your shoes at the door.  A few minutes before class was to start I noticed one boy had a bare foot and a foot with a sock on it, so I asked him where his sock was.  He told me “The sock is on the foot”.  Thinking he didn’t understand me, I pointed to the bare foot and again asked him where his sock was.  He pointed to the foot with the sock and again said “The sock is on the foot.” I looked in all the shoes at the door to see if maybe his sock came off when he took off his shoes (that happens to me sometimes), but there was no sock.  At this point, it was time to start the lesson, so the sock issue was left alone. A little later, this boy was twisting around on the floor with his legs in the air and I see the top of the sock. Actually, I saw the top of the socks (plural), both socks were on the same foot.  The child was correct, the sock was on the foot.  I was the one who didn’t understand English. Is thinking that each foot should have a sock too conventional? Do only five year olds think that both socks could go on the same foot? I think this class is going to be an eye opener for me.

It’s my lucky day
I’m a winner in Jessica’s Life Under Quilts blog give away! I found this blog last year I was looking for a fabric store in Hokkaido and my google search brought up Jessica’s blog telling about her trip to Kanariya in Sapporo. I’ve been reading ever since!  She lived in Hokkaido in the past, although she is now in the US. As the title of her blog implies, she is a quilter, and has recently published a book, Quilting on the Go, with her paper piecing technique. You can find out about her book and see her quilts and her family, including a new baby here.

The Mysterious Bag
I’ve been busy with other things, but I have managed to put a few more stitches in the mystery bag.  I’m nearly done with the four sided stitches and will be ready to start the pulled part of the next section soon. I also started what will be the top edge of the bag.  I’m using the same #8 overdyed perle in a buttonhole stitch.

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Margaret said...

Congratulations on your win. I had to laugh at the sock story. Children certainly have a different logic don't they.