Friday, June 27, 2014

After Japanese Class - Starting the Candle Mat

The little stitch group after Japanese class decided they wanted to make a bigger project and chose this felt candle mat from projects I finished.

Last week we went to Kayariya to choose and buy materials.  I would have liked to take some pictures of this process but no photos are allowed in the store.  They were amazed by Kanariya and I think they will be back.

This week after class, three of the five met and cut out the mat and circles and started stitching the small circles to the big circles.

Stitching wasn’t the only discussion topic and it was probably pretty funny for someone listening in – with Chinese, Japanese, and English spoken. One of our group members speaks all of these languages (and more) so she was stitcher and translator. We will continue next week.


  1. What an attractive project. I am sure your meetings are chatty and fun.

  2. Looks like a great project...did you make the pattern up yourself? A great little stitching group you have there.

  3. Looks like fun!!