Saturday, June 28, 2014

Walking to the Garden

When Ted’s here, we go to the garden in the car.  When he’s not, I walk. The plants need to be watered and weeds need to be pulled, even when Ted is out of town.  It takes me about 40 minutes each way, so it cuts into my stitching time, but it's not so bad.  Walking is good exercise and I get to practice my kanji by looking for characters I recognize. I also get to see interesting things, like a girl riding a unicycle, Jizo’s new clothes and flowers in bloom.  I really don’t mind the walk.


  1. You get both physical and mental exercise on your visits to the garden. What delights!

  2. Beautiful walk and garden to lift your spirit!

  3. The walk to the garden is good for us also...we get pictures! That's about a five miler -nice!