Friday, June 6, 2014

The Rest of Our Golden Week Trip

After leaving Kushiro, we drove east.

We stopped to see the Ainu Village near Akan Lake.  It was a lot like Cherokee NC (touristy) and rather disappointing, after having visited Pirka Kotan last year.

The view of the lake was nice.

We ate lunch at a noodle restaurant.  Ted had udon and I had soba – our usual choices.

We spent the next night in Kitami, then continued on our way. The scenery was beautiful.

 We had visited Daisetsuan National Park last fall, but were on the other side of the mountains then.  The Sounkyo Visitor Center was very interesting.

From there, we walked up the road (yes, there was still snow in May) to the Photo Museum.

When we left the museum, they gave us these seafood crackers.

We had a great trip and saw more of this big island.  Hokkaido is a beautiful place to live.  We are so fortunate to be here!



  1. My there was still a lot of snow around. Winters are long and summers short in Hokkaido but it is certainly beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip. It was very nice, as I have never been to Hokkaido.

  3. thanks for sharing the beautiful pics

  4. Stunning photos! Looks like you both had a nice time.