Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stitching with Vicky

Saturday was cool and rainy outside, so my friend Vicky and I got together to visit and stitch.  My husband was gone for the weekend on a trip with his kayaking class and her husband was doing something with one of his friends, so we had the whole day to ourselves.

I keep thread in this little pencil box that I've had for years.  She recognized it as having had a similar one in her younger days.

We each started a little ornament on 28 count evenweave fabric, using #8 perle for eyelet stitches and accentuate for Rhodes stitches.  I’m using pale blue and silver, and although I didn’t take a photo of hers, you can imagine it done in red perle with gold.

I think there will be beads in this ornament’s future.  We’ll see next week when we get together to work on them some more.


  1. beautiful penbox and stitches

  2. oh so pretty. Is it Hardanger?

    1. You could use eyelets in Hardanger, but this is simply two stitches - eyelets and Rhodes.