Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fabric Bomb

I’m the winner of a great fabric bomb from Elizabeth of Elizabeth’s Quarters!  Thank you so much, Elizabeth!  (You can read about the beginnings of the fabric bomb ‘movement’ here.)
This is what I received:

·       An off-cut from a vintage mangle cloth (light brown linen with red stripe)
·       Part of a vintage white linen metis sheet – popular with French housewives in the early part of the 20th century
·       A piece of patterned fabric which seems to have a little stretch
·       Two pieces of Liberty tana lawn
·       A piece of light blue poplin (end of line Paul Smith Shirting fabric)
·       Two small pieces of silk
·       Some trimmings
·       Some cotton perle and embroidery thread
·       A few buttons and beads
(descriptions thanks to Elizabeth)

I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do with it!

Now, I’m offering a bomb of my own. I will ship internationally.  In order to enter, leave a comment below and be willing to offer a fabric bomb of your own. I will choose a winner in a week.   If you want to play along, here's what you do…

1.    The fabric bomber should try to be as creative in their selection of materials, buttons, beads, threads and whatnot, as the recipient will be in their use of them.
2.    The fabric bomb must fit into an A5 envelope, to keep postage costs to a minimum, and to make life easy for the postman.
3.    The recipient can make whatever they like with their fabric bomb–patchwork, toys, bags, collages, doodles, fabric books–anything goes. However, in the spirit of fabric bombing, the packet of scraps should be used creatively, preferably to try out something new, or something you wouldn't usually turn your hand to.
4.    You can add other fabrics to your make, but please don't just incorporate the fabric bomb into an existing make.
5.    You don't have to use every item in the fabric bomb in your make–but it would be great if you could!
6.    It isn't just about getting: once you've received your fabric bomb, please make a bomb of your own to send to someone else. Perhaps photograph the fabric bomb you've received, or the item you make with it. 
7.    Once you've done that, grab the fabric bomb button, post about your make, and prepare a fabric bomb (it must be a surprise, so don't reveal what's inside it) to send to one of your readers, so starting the process all over again.
8.    If you like, you can post pictures of your make on the fabric bomb flikr page (To be set up by Elizabeth). 
On a side note, the Japanese postal service opened my package and put this note on it.  Too bad I can't read what it says!


  1. How exciting to receive a surprise package. And how like the Japanese Post Office to tell you that it was the sending country that made the package dirty and that it arrived in this state. Not me Ma'am!

  2. Hi Pamela: What exciting things you received in your fabric bomb. I think this is such a wonderful idea and I have already been thinking about what I might put in mine. I'm not very lucky at winning things so I might have to start a fabric bomb chain of my own. Of course that would require organization on my part. I'm quite interested to see what you make with your goodies.

  3. Oh that is lovely! Knowing how talented you are I'm pretty sure that you're going to come up with something amazing to make with it!
    As I've only just started playing with my sewing machine...I'd love to participate in your bomb giveaway :) I've been looking at your crazy quilts and some tutorials online on that would definitely be something I'd think !

  4. What an exciting package to receive...this is a wonderful idea for sending on a package of fun...I cannot wait to see what you make with yours...please enter me in your draw...