Sunday, July 6, 2014

Needlequest Kitchen Towel - 6 July

The July Needlequest Theme is Tableware and Crockery. I had to think a bit to think of what that could mean for me and my stitching.

When we lived in the US, my Pfaltzgraff dish pattern was Yorktowne. It’s one of the least expensive patterns, so it’s very common, with many accessories. I love things that match so I had many of the dishes and practically everything else – switchplate covers, ironing board pad, dust pan, rugs, curtains, and on and on.  They were much too heavy to bring to Japan, so I had to get rid of it all.  I still like the pattern and if we go back to the US, I might get a set of dishes (but not all of the rest – it was too much!)
For this month’s Needlequest challenge, I’ve decided to make a cross stitch kitchen towel in the pattern.  When I first moved to Japan, I stitched this pot holder in the pattern.

Here’s my start on my new kitchen towel project.

For more information on Needlequest, check out Sew in Love.

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  1. You got started early, good girl. I, too, love to have a china pattern on textile, so if we can't buy it printed, embroidering it is a fun option!