Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - Hussif Finish!

I know it’s Tuesday, but tomorrow I will be posting about my July Smalls SAL project and after finishing my hussif, I just can’t wait until Thursday! This is one of my all-time favorite finishes, alongside the yo-yo shawl, the slipper bag, and Japan Has Four Seasons.  The hussif has a lot of details, so there are a lot of pictures.

Here it is closed, with the ribbon tied. 

The handle, with my name and thread spools stitched on it, is made of one inch wide 14 count "Ribband" backed with gross grain ribbon. The ribbon tie is tacked to the top seam. The top corners each have a snap to hold it all closed.

Here it is closed, with the ribbon untied.

Now, open – back and front, with the side pockets in and out.

The large pocket at the bottom folds up when closed. I don’t have anything in it yet.

There are two side pockets that fold in when the hussif is closed.  One holds two stencils.

The other side pocket holds a needlebook, a pin keep, and a little tool with a magnifying circle and a thread cutting edge.

The center top has seven plastic rings for thread and a felt strip for holding pins and needles.

Below the felt strip is an envelope pocket, made from a vintage handkerchief. This pocket holds my ort eating cat.

If you regularly read my Monday posts, you know how much I like hexagons and epp.  Below the envelope pocket is a little thimble pocket, made from a hexagon.

Below the thimble pocket, is a place for scissors. The scissors handles are held in place with a ribbon.

To the right of the thimble and scissors are slots to hold a small ruler and a disappearing pen.

This is my initial idea for what goes where.  As I put it to use, I may rearrange or add or take out things. Over all, I am extremely happy with how this turned out. The hussif is a work in progress Wednesday challenge at Pintangle – check out the progress other stitchers are making on their big projects.

Tomorrow (30 July)  is International Embroidery Day - you can read more about it here.  What will you be working on?


  1. oh so lovely and great pockets too. best wishes from a very hot Sweden. Jaana

  2. What an extremely useful hussif. I do hope you get much pleasure from using it.

  3. Your hussif looks great.


  4. Over the top, so clever and beautiful.

  5. Look lovely - I really like th e hexagon pocket!

  6. Pamela, I LOVE your hussif! The handle with your name and the year on it is such a fun touch. Lovely!

  7. This is beautiful and extremely practical. Well done.

  8. I think it's brilliant - both in the design and the vibrancy of the glorious colours

  9. Your hussif is wonderful!!!

  10. this has turned out beautifully Pamela...you should be very proud of a great finish...I need to finish piecing mine so I can start the stitching on it...

  11. Beautiful and useful! Ann from Austin

  12. What response you got from everyone! No wonder, it is a practical, stylish and absolutely charming hussif, and tailor made for your needs. I love it, and also your thread eating cat!

  13. You have put so much thought in this clever design! I'm sure it will be a pleasure to use.