Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Make a Point Card Holder

The “After Japanese Class” stitchers are making little point card holders.  One of the stitchers is leaving Hokkaido to go back to her country before having a chance to finish her project, so I took pictures of the process to send her.  I decided to post the pictures today. (The stitching can be done by hand or by machine.  The original was entirely hand stitched.  I used the machine for some of this one, but it was difficult because the pieces are small.)

Using a one inch square of card board as a template, I cut out 30 squares from little scraps I had saved from other projects.

I stitched sets of two squares together across the diagonal, then finger pressed them open and trimmed the extra, making 15 squares.

I stitched the 15 together into a strip. For the original, I placed the triangles to make a pattern.  For this one, I randomly placed them as I picked them up.  I think I like the original deliberate pattern better. The outside of the little pouch is made from a 6 inch by 10 inch piece of kimono fabric. I cut the fabric lengthwise off center and stitched the strip between the two pieces.

Using the outer piece as a template, I cut the same size piece of cotton print fabric as the lining and pinned them right sides together. Leaving an opening, I stitched the two pieces together.

After trimming the corners, I turned it right side out and stitched the opening closed.

After deciding where the fold would be, I turned the pouch inside out and stitched it together, catching the black outside fabric with the stitches. I put a couple of extra stitches to reinforce the upper edge.

It could be finished at this point, but I made a thin twisted cording with one piece of six strand floss. I needed about 28 inches of cording, so I cut a 75 inch piece of floss (rounding 28 up to 30 inches and multiplying that by two and a half). I used a single strand of the same floss to stitch the cording to the pouch, tucking the ends in the seams. The original point card holder had black cording.  I used purple on this one because I thought it would show up better in the photos.

I added two snaps to hold it closed and it’s finished.