Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tower of London Poppies

The Tower of London is commemorating 100 years since the outbreak of the first world war with an evolving installation of ceramic poppies.  A total of 888,246 ceramic poppies will fill the Tower’s moat between 5 August and 11 November, with each poppy representing a British military fatality during the war. Poppies are being sold for 25 pounds each, with money raised going to military charities.  You can read more about this project here.

This is what the moat looked like the day I visited last month.  It was a rainy dreary day, but the red poppies still stood out.


  1. Oh my! I am amazed at the beauty of these poppies, but sad to know that each one represents a soldier who gave their life in gives you a sense of how many lives have been lost in the effort to remain free of tyranny...just beautiful...

  2. These poppies make your heart stop!

  3. It looks amazing. Someone else posted a single picture of it but it's nice to see close ups.