Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5% Chance of Snow = Blizzard Where I Live

Yesterday's weather forecast was cloudy, with 5% chance of snow.  It snowed all day and I heard it was accumulating at the rate of 10 cm per hour.  These photos were taken early in the day.  By night fall I could barely wade through the snow to get to my apartment door.  Good thing I live on the third floor!


  1. You HAVE got your share of snow! Here in Tokyo only a thin layer one day. It caused severe disruption to public transport!
    Stay indoors on the 3rd floor, stay warm and stay stitching!

  2. No matter if it's at your house or mine...I hate it.

  3. That is serious snow! We've just had lots of rain and wind.
    I agree with Queenie, stay warm and get caught up on stitching.