Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Most Popular Cat Names in Japan

I’m always interested in names and I do like cats, so when I saw this RocketNews24 article about the most popular cat names, I had to post about it.  Here are the most popular cat names in Japan (I think there are too many ties in this poll):

25 (tie). Yuki (meaning “Snow”)

25 (tie). Minto (“Mint”)

25 (tie). Miruku (“Milk”)

25 (tie). Haru (“Spring”)

25 (tie). Chobi

25 (tie). Kurumi (“Walnut”)

25 (tie). Kinako

22 (tie). Reo/Leo

22 (tie). Moka (“Mocha”)

22 (tie). Tama

18. Maru

18 (tie). Hime (“Princess”)

18 (tie). Jiji

18 (tie). Azuki (“Sweet Red Beans”)

13 (tie). Rin

13 (tie). Maron (“Marron”)

13 (tie). Tora (“Tiger”)

13 (tie). Sakura (“Cherry Blossom”)

13 (tie). Kotetsu (“Small Iron2”)

11 (tie). Mikan (“Mandarin Orange”)

11 (tie). Chibi (“Tiny”)

9 (tie). Chiro

9 (tie). Kai

8. Mei

7. Fuku (“Lucky”)

5 (tie). Sora (“Sky”)

5 (tie). Shiro (“White”)

4. Koko

2 (tie). Hana (“Flower”)

2 (tie). Kuro (“Black”)

1. Momo (“Peach”)

I’ve had two cats, one named Shadowcat and one named Monica (both in the US). I’d love to have a cat here, but small rented apartments don’t allow cats. If I did have a cat here, I’d have to see it to name it, but there are a few names in this list that I like – Yuki, Mikan, Koko.

What about you – what is your cat’s name (if you have one) or what would you name yours (if you don’t)?


rosey175 said...

Our three derps - Oreo, Klondike (both B&W kitties) and Peanut (Snowshoe). Even the cats on my mom's farm are named after food! There's a Noodle, Spaghetti, Potato, and Pancake just to name a few. Lol. We'll probably keep that tradition for a good long while. I like the names Minto and Mikan, they're cute. And food. I promise we don't eat cats!

kiwikid said...

No cats here just a chowchow...but I like the name Tora!

Anthea said...

Very interesting Pamela!
I confess I really don't like cats (bad experience from childhood) and also i get terrible allergies... however, if I was a Cat Person, I'd have a female called MARILYN... I have no idea where I got that theory from!!

Lianne said...

I don't have cats, I have dogs. My neighbors have 2 cats, when they first moved in before I knew their actual names I nicknamed them Chicken Biscuit and Olive Loaf. Their real names are Benny and Maddy.

Renee said...

What an interesting topic! I love the names. I think cats are amazing, but just hearing the word "cat" makes me cringe - my allergies are so bad that I associate them with difficulty breathing. However, we did take care of a stray cat when I was growing up and his name was Tom (short for Tomcat.) My sister tried letting him in a few times, but it always made me sick. I am very thankful that my mom said no when my sister asked if they could trade me for a cat. ;)

Janie said...

Koko is a good cat name, yes. I had a cat when I was younger, Snowy, all white. I enjoy watching the neighbor cats here, they chase lizards and birds.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, we don't have a cat...just 3 big dogs! My daughter loves cats and we had a few when she was small. They all had great personalities. Some had little mind Mr. Kitty. But then one came along that was named for his playfulness....Meanie. Her dog was Porky named because as a puppy he looked like the baby pigs we saw at the 4H Fair. There is always a story behind the names of our pets at OUR house, lol.
xx, Carol

Unknown said...

I do have a cat - an Orange male. His name is Cleveland - My father's and Grandfather's middle name.