Friday, February 5, 2016

What Children Want to be When They Grow Up

I read an interesting article on RocketNews recently about what Japanese children want to be when they grow up.  The Addeco Company conducted a survey of children in seven Asian countries to find out what type of work these children wanted to do in the future.  I thought the results were rather interesting. 

For Japanese children, Business Person was number 1 for boys and number 3 for girls.

In Japan, Adecco polled 500 boys and 500 girls between the ages of 6 and 15. The top responses for the boys were:
9 (tie). Architect/contractor (2.8 percent)
9 (tie). Paramedic/firefighter (2.8 percent)
9 (tie). Engineer/programmer (2.8 percent)
7 (tie). Driver (bus, taxi, train, etc.) (4.2 percent)
7 (tie). Police officer/detective (4.2 percent)
6. Scholar/researcher (3.4 percent)
4 (tie). Doctor (6.2 percent)
4 (tie). Professional baseball player (6.2 percent)
3. Civil servant (6.6 percent)
2. Professional soccer player (10 percent)
1. Businessperson (10.2 percent)
The responses from girls were:
10. Singer (2.4 percent)
9. Manga creator (2.6 percent)
8. Music/art instructor (2.8 percent)
7. Fashion designer (3 percent)
6. Nurse (4.6 percent)
5. Civil servant (4.8 percent)
4. Doctor (5.6 percent)
3. Businessperson (5.8 percent)
2. Educator (preschool-university) (6.4 percent)
1. Confectioner (11 percent)

Here are the top three responses for all 7 Asian Countries:

▼ Overall results based on responses from both boys and girls
KJ 1

When I was a child, I often wanted to be a school teacher, usually for the grade I was currently in.  I wanted to be the Flying Nun for a short time, even though I wasn't Catholic. I thought being a librarian would be a pretty cool job.  I don't remember ever wanting to be a business woman.

What about you?  What did you want to be?  Did it work out for you?


  1. I wanted to make things and sew when I grew up and have a garden. That has all come true,but at this moment I can't have a big garden so I'm growing herbs and a citrus tree in pots.

  2. I wanted to be a doctor and even now I regret not actually applying for medical school and chancing my arm. Too late now though!

  3. I wonder what that survey would say if taken in the USA. I imagine there is a big difference between what a child of 6 would want to be compared to age 15.

    I don't know if I wanted to be anything when I grew up. I had a very bad childhood. I don't think I knew what would make me happy...I just knew I wanted it to happen soon.
    xx, Carol

  4. What a great post! Interesting. I wanted to be a veterinarian, then a nurse (my mom was a great nurse). I remember having a young, beautiful nun as a teacher in third grade. I'll never forget riding in the backseat of our family car when I announced I was going to be a nun. I thought my father was going to drive off the road. HA! Ended up majoring in business in college.....I never thought I'd end up working in corporate America. Now I'm retired and really having fun.

  5. I graduated High School in 1971 - when I went to my Guidance for College prep - I was told I was a "smart girl" I could decide to be either a teacher or Nurse.... Seriously? I am so happy things are changing. (I did not become either - I am in technology)

  6. I wanted to become a doctor (I always had an interest in Medecin). But I later realized I didn't have the stamina to do it. That and doctors have no life outside work. I switched to Programming and am much happier with my choice. Which is lucky as it leaves me more time to work on my passion ;)

  7. A very very interesting post Pamela :) My youngest (she's 8) will be pleased to know architect is in the top 10 - that's what she says she wants to be :)

    Oh my.....I went through so many different career primary school I wanted to act....I loved theatre and the stage and drama ....was offered a position at a school of the arts which my parents turned that never happened....
    At some stage I wanted to be a lawyer....but the thought of Latin just out me off ( at that time you had to study Latin to do law)
    I also wanted to be a journalist......and a marine biologist.....
    Eventually I studied a Bachelor is Science and went on to get my teachers degree......but when I qualified the country started laying off teachers as they claimed there were enough .....a few years down the line they realised that that was not the case....but by then I had already started working in retail finance.....and never went back to teaching

  8. I was always a science-based little kid. I wanted to be a "scientist" when I was really, really little. What kind? Who knows haha. :) I got more specific as I got older: A vet, an oceanographer, meteorologist. I wound up with a BS and a BA in related fields with an idea of combining them for my masters. Now I'm a housewife. Sometimes I do wonder, but I am happy right now.

  9. What a fascinating post! I wanted to be an astronaut (this was the 1970s), or a teacher or an actress.
    Later on I wanted to be a librarian because I wanted a date stamp! I did get my date stamp, working as an insurance broker. Later on I became a school librarian and now I'm a bookseller.