Monday, February 22, 2016

Feast or Famine

I work on idioms with my upper level English students. Being a native English speaker, I don’t even think about using them or knowing what they mean, but they are confusing for students of English.

One that came to mind recently was “Feast or Famine”. To stay in Japan, I need a work visa, which means I need a job where my employer will sponsor me to work and stay in the country. For the past couple of months I have been applying for teaching jobs in many different locations across Japan. At first I didn’t hear much, other than a few email requests to ask my age or birthdate.  After I responded, I heard nothing more from those schools. (Famine)  Then, all of a sudden I had 10 requests for Skype interviews with a two week period.  Within four days of each other, I had three job offers in three different locations. (Feast)

So far, I’m pretty pleased with my choice.  I hope they will be pleased with me and my work.


Renee said...

That is fabulous! They will be lucky to have you. :)

Beth in IL said...

Yes! I hope your move is uneventful and that life settles soon. Look forward to seeing what you are stitching again soon.