Sunday, March 13, 2016

Getting Better All The Time

The apartment I live in is rented by the school I work for and I pay rent to the school.  It was not the fault of the apartment owner that my apartment was disgustingly dirty when I moved in.  I have been cleaning every day and it is getting better.  There were some problems that I could not fix myself, so someone from the school called the owner to have them repaired.

A few days ago, my landlady, a repairman, and a Japanese staff person where I work came over and the repairman replaced the light in my tatami room (the old one had no pull string so it wouldn't turn on), replaced a missing bulb/tube in the kitchen, fixed the shower hose bracket that was coming out of the wall, and added a hose to the washing machine on the balcony so it wouldn't flood when I washed clothes. ( I don't know why the last two pictures are sideways).

The landlady is an elderly woman who talks very fast.  She likes that I am quiet and after inspecting everything from my kitchen sink drain to my toilet room, says she approves of me living here.  After the repairs were done, I went to the bakery and bought two apple pastries and left them on her door (she lives in the apartment below me) with a short thank you note in my best Japanese.  Later in the day she came to my apartment to thank me and brought these big two oranges.  She is my new friend!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the soon to be first member of your new stitching group? ;)


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well I am glad that you are settling in and getting the flat in good living condition. It is amazing to me that all these things would be wrong and the place not inspected before you moved in. We take a lot of things fore granted in the USA.

kiwikid said...

Good to hear things are being fixed for you....lovely to make a new friend.