Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trash Confusion

Trash in Japan is very confusing. Everything has to be separated and put out on different days.  I had the trash system figured out where I used to live - I put it out in the large metal cage on the designated day for what ever kind of trash it was. 

Here inside my new apartment, I found a ton of trash and a poster with the trash calendar.  I knew how to separate it and could read what day to take it out.  The problem was, I didn't know where to take it.  I walked all around my neighborhood and I couldn't find any large metal trash cages.  What was I going to do with all this trash left by the previous resident? Finally, I found this in the back corner of the parking area behind my building. 

On the designated trash days a blue net appears and everyone puts trash bags under the net.  The days the trash isn't picked up, no blue net appears.  It's a good thing I kept looking and saw the blue net with trash bags under it. I've been putting it out a few bags at a time on the proper days.  Friday was pet bottle day and there was no blue net - I have no idea why it wasn't there.  I had collected a big garbage bag of pet bottles from all over my apartment and balcony and I wanted them out.  I ended up carrying them to the grocery store where there is a recycling area outside the entrance.  I'm looking forward to getting the last bags of plastic trash out next week. Having ones own trash is one thing, but I really hated having someone else's trash to get rid of.


Anthea said...

oh Pamela, the place wasn't clean for you?! YUK, you poor thing.

kiwikid said...

That seems very wrong the previous resident not cleaning up after themselves...hopefully the nets appear when they should and you can get everything sorted.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I lived in kakogawa the blue net was common and used to keep the crows (and other critters) from getting at it the pet bottles didn't get the net because cries didn't want them hehe. The net was also removed on non trash days to discourage anyone from placing their garbage the day/night before.