Sunday, March 20, 2016

One Man

The JR station I live closest to is a very small local station.  A lot of trains just whiz by and don't stop at this little station.  When I am trying to return home, I need to make sure to get the local train, not the fast express that doesn't stop at my station.  One evening when I was waiting at another station to come home, I noticed the train I was waiting for was (in katakana) wa n ma n (sounds like one man).  I had no idea what that meant.  When the train arrived, I understood! There was only one man driving the train, taking the tickets, making the announcements, everything. There is one door to get on the train, and one door to get off - the one closest to the front of the train, where the driver is.  I love living in Japan!


Janie said...

Another adventure! Keeps you young and flexible.

manami said...

one man is often used for a boss who is so selfish. It is said tyrant in English? One man shacho(boss) came from one man bus. He wants to do everything by himself.