Thursday, March 17, 2016

Nihongo Kaiwa Kurabu

I've been trying to find a Japanese language class that doesn't conflict with my work schedule, but so far no luck.  I did find the Japanese Conversation Club at the international center.  I went for the first time last week and it was very fun.  It was a mixture of Japnese native speakers and people wanting to practice their Japanese (like me).  I plan to continue going and hope to get better with practice.

I've also been trying to practice my Japanese when I'm out and about.  In the grocery store, I ask where the coffee or the eggs or something else is.  I tell the store worker I don't read kanji and ask if something has meat in it.  I greet people I come in contact with and try to answer their questions.  I know it small stuff, but that's what I have now.  I really want to find a class!


  1. I well remember that's how I started too. Also I paid a local housewife who had no English to give me lessons. That was very effective too and might suit your schedule. Could your school help you find such? Good luck.

  2. I think the Conversation Club will be a great way to practice your Japanese. I really do believe the best way to learn a new language is to use it in every day life. That small stuff seems to be a great way to learn every day

  3. I think it's fantastic that you're making such an effort to improve your language skills! I'm useless with other languages....only english and the local Afrikaans.....
    I remember when the tv series "Shogun"played I was absolutely enthralled by the culture and language and read the book....writing down the's such a beautiful lyrical language I think :)

  4. Melinda is so right - use a bit of 'small stuff' on a daily basis and you will improve big time! How about looking for someone who's interested in embroidery. Then using Japanese will be even more fun!