Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Rest of the Day

(This post tells about the first part of the day).  

After spending the morning at the shrine and the waterfalls, we had lunch at the Dairy Farm.  We saw the Jersey cows taking it easy in the barn before going to the pizza restaurant, where they serve cheese from these cows.  We ate blackberry ice cream cones for dessert.

From this farm area, we had a great view of Mt. Fuji in the clouds.  

After lunch we visited a temple, where there are many lotus plants. 

In Fuji City, we visited a unique park, where many historical buildings have been moved.  

What a great day!  I'm thankful to have been included on this tour!


kiwikid said...

What amazing buildings in the park...there is a Hobbit House there too!!! Love the lotus flowers and seeds.

Janie said...

Very scenic!
Jersey cows produce rich milk. Your pizza and ice cream must have been great.
Thanks for sharing your photos.

Deb said...

Mount Fugi is truely impressive! Gorgeous gardens. Love seeing the repositioned buildings. Great update!