Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Over the years, I have stitched many afghans and I have a couple of afghans in progress right now. 

The Dogwood  

Guess How Much I Love You 

I have photos of ones I have stitched since coming to Japan. 

I made this Teacup afghan for Ted's mom in 2012.

I made this as a gift for my friend in Sapporo.

This pink one with white hearts was a baby gift for my friend in Hokkaido.

This was a wedding gift for my friend here in Shizuoka.

I used the same pattern in 2012 for friends in Yokohama.

I made this map of Japan afghan last year.

I think this was the first I ever made, in 1995.  I have it on the back of my chair for when it's cool. Maybe it is my favorite.

Over the years, I made many for wedding gifts.  I made one with purple hearts as a wedding gift for a co-worker in Raleigh. I made one with a giant pink flamingo for one of Ted's friends in Alaska. I made a huge flower afghan as a 50th wedding anniversary gift in Illinois. After we sold our house in Indiana, I made one with houses and trees for our realtor. I made one with Santa Clauses in each block one year as a gift.  Maybe there are paper photos somewhere of these and others.


diamondc said...

Pamela: They are all lovely, I have a couple of afghans I have never stitched on, maybe now is the time to do so.
Have a lovely day


Vireya said...

"Afghan" must be a North American word for these embroidered items, but I don't know what they would be called in Australia. I usually associate "afghan" with a crocheted blanket. But when I googled "afghans" I got pages of recipes for a New Zealand biscuit, which I hadn't come across before.

Anyway, whatever you call them, you have made a huge number of beautiful ones!

Lyn Warner said...

Love the tea cups!

Shami Immanuel said...

Lovely Afghans. Love the one with kittens. You have made so many.

Queeniepatch said...

You certainly have a good number of Afghans under your belt! Ted's mother's teacups have some interesting designs. I don't think I have seen a goldfish in an aquarium cup before!

kiwikid said...

They are all beautiful.

Leonore Winterer said...

I've never stitched an afghan, but I want to some day! How do yours look like on the back, is it just the back of the stitching?