Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Green Floral Teacup and....Afghan finish!

Here it is – the last of the tiny teacups.

After the teacups are done, the afghan still needs to be finished.  I spent another day removing threads and tying them together in groups of eight to make the fringe.

This is the finished afghan for Ted’s mom.  I hope she’ll use it and not "save" it. 


Anonymous said...

It is gorgeous Pamela! sandy b.

Miranda said...

Super cute finished product!

Does she read your blog, so she'll get a not-so-subtle hint? ;)

Pamela said...

She doesn't read my blog. The afghan will be a surprise.

Margaret said...

It's gorgeous! And what a variety of cups - you'll feel like you need a cup of tea yourself after all that.

Barb S said...

What a treasure! Love the colors.