Japanese Castles

I'm fascinated by Japanese history and the hundreds of castles are a big part of it. Many castles have been destroyed by fire, war, or disasters and are in ruins, and quite a few have been reconstructed.  There are twelve original castles: Himeji, Matsuyama, Matsumoto, Hikone, Matsue, Hirosaki, Bitchu Matsuyama, Inuyama, Kochi, Maruoka, Uwajima, and, Marugame.

Check out these links to see posts about Japanese Castles I've visited. I've listed the name of the castle and the prefecture.  In the case of Nijo-jo, Shuri-jo, and Takamatsu, I also listed the date of the trip because I visited more than once. 

Edo Castle, Tokyo

Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Fukuoka

Gifu Castle, Gifu  

Hamamatsu Castle, Shizuoka 

Hikone, Shiga

Himeji, Hyogo

Inuyama Castle, Aichi

Kakegawa Castle, Shizuoka 

Kiyosu Castle, Aichi

Kofu, Yamanashi 

Komoro, Nagano

Kumamoto Castle, Kumamoto

Marugame Castle, Kagawa 

Matsumoto, Nagano

Matsuyama Castle, Ehime 

Nagoya Castle, Aichi

Nakijin Castle Ruins, Okinawa

Nijo Castle, Kyoto (January 2020)

Nijo Castle, Kyoto (March 2012)

Odawara Castle, Kanagawa (here is a great information/history article about Odawara - Jigsaw Japan)

Osaka Castle, Osaka

Shimabara Castle, Nagasaki 

     Shuri Castle was destroyed by fire in October 2019

Shuri-jo, Naha, Okinawa (March 2015)

Shuri-jo, Naha, Okinawa (January 2015)

Shuri-jo, Naha, Okinawa (January 2013) 

Sumpu Castle Park, Shizuoka

Takamatsu Castle Ruins, Kagawa (March 2016)

Takamatsu Castle Ruins, Kagawa (May 2016) 

Takashima, Nagano

Tsurumaru Castle Ruins, Kagoshima 

Ueda, Nagano 

Utsunomiya Castle Park, Tochigi

Yoshida, Aichi

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