Saturday, November 17, 2012

There are no Fairies in Japan

Last week in English class we were talking about superstitions in Japan.  I learned that when a top tooth falls out, it is good luck to throw the tooth down and when a bottom tooth falls out it is good luck to throw the tooth up.  One student told me that he threw his bottom teeth on top of the roof.  Now I won’t be able to look at roofs here without wondering if there are teeth up there.

I tried to tell them about the US custom of leaving teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy.  I couldn’t explain what a fairy is.  Disney is popular here so I thought they might know about Peter Pan and the fairy Tinker Bell, but they never heard of Tinker Bell.  I guess there are no fairies in Japan.
                                              Ready and Waiting


  1. Snow shovels to the ready! They are not all yours are they? Ha ha

    1. They belong to our apartment building. The shovels are made of plastic here and they break before the winter is over. It seems like metal would be more practical, but here they are made of plastic.