Sunday, November 18, 2012

Second Hand is Good

When Ted first moved here, someone gave him a small refrigerator. He has been wanting to buy a bigger one, but I was reluctant to spend the money to buy a new one when we had one, even though it was small and ugly.  I don’t know if you can read the contact paper on the front of the old one, but it says “Doll Jamaican I’m Dangerous Don’t You Watch My Size”. Ted found a 2011 model at the second hand store for 19,900 yen.  A new model is twice that.  This new-to-us refrigerator is smaller than one in the US, but everything is smaller in Japan.

It is quite a bit bigger inside than the old one. The freezer is the drawer on the bottom. Having the refrigerator part on top will make it much easier to get things out.  One thing I found odd is that there are 12 places in the egg tray, but eggs are sold in packages of 10 here, not by the dozen like in the US.

The old refrigerator will be moving to Ted’s office.

Ted also bought this slow cooker at the second hand store.  I think he will be trying it out later this week.

We put up our gomi Christmas tree to make sure it would all fit together and it did.  There was one loose branch that Ted fixed with a piece of green wire.  Like the refrigerator, it is small, but perfect for our small apartment.

I caught this early morning dusting of snow before it melted, but we might get some real snow this week.  Snow is predicted for Tuesday and Thursday this week in Hokkaido.

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