Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goodbye Garden

We picked the last few green tomatoes and sunflower heads full of seeds and pulled up the supporting poles and stakes. Even though some little bean plants are in bloom, it’s time to say goodbye for the winter.

We enjoyed our garden and got our money’s worth in the entertainment value alone. Factor in the vegetables we ate all summer long, and it was definitely a bargain. Next year, maybe we'll get a bigger plot.

Decaf coffee update
Our friend Audi told us that red, not green, means decaf here.  We didn’t buy any of this instant coffee, but we did find it at the big grocery store at the mall. I think the label says 97% caffeine cut.  Thanks, Audi, for the tip!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Fancy that - a red alert for decaf! And you are correct the label does read "caffeineless" which although not English carries the same meaning.
Preparations have begun for your long winter. We are currently enjoying ever increasing temperatures and longer hours of sunlight. This means I am constantly torn between enjoying the outdoors or continuing my stitching. Ah woe is me!!