Sunday, November 11, 2012


There have been swarms of yukimushi (snow bugs) the last few days. I had to shake out the fleece jacket I was wearing before coming inside because it was covered with them. Yukimushi are tiny white bugs that look kind of like snow and the story is that they signal snow is coming. I tried to take a picture of them but I couldn’t get a clear close up photo.  Here is a picture of one I got from google images:

It feels too warm for snow, but I guess the temperature can change fast enough.

The leaves are coming down quick.  This is the pretty red tree at the train station that I recently posted a photo of – it’s almost bare now.

The steps leading down to the under the road passage are collecting leaves. I imagine the underground filing up with all the leaves and having to wade through waist deep leaves to get to the other side of the road.
Sonoko update
I was conflicted about stitching the eyes.  The pattern shows little one stitch slants.  I was concerned this was a stereotype and maybe derogatory.  Ted pointed out that Japanese anime shows one stroke slant eyes, so I did as the pattern showed. I also did the silver zig zag on the lavender side and the couched silver around the edges of the kimono.

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  1. Sonoko looks beautiful. Her eyes remind me of photos of the beauties from the Heian Era. You did well to keep to what the pattern said.