Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

The American Thanksgiving holiday is not celebrated in Japan. This week, Tuesday was Friday at the University.  I did a class on American culture and Thanksgiving. Previously we had talked about food that commonly go together in America: Peanut butter and Jelly, Bacon and Eggs, Turkey and Stuffing, etc.  No one had ever eaten stuffing and thought it strange when I described it, so  I made some in the crock pot before class for them to taste.

They all liked it.

In class, I explained about people traveling to be with family and the holiday events – watching the Macy’s parade and football on television, and the big meal.  I gave them a typical menu for the big dinner from my family and a few recipes, including the stuffing I made.

We had a mini history lesson about the first Thanksgiving and I gave them a Thanksgiving crossword puzzle that wasn’t too difficult.

The vocabulary lesson was a bingo activity.  We had already gone over the words, all having to do with Thanksgiving.  The first time I called out the words, as written on the cards.  After that I gave a description of the word (such as the month of Thanksving – November; the popular bird meat served – Turkey).  I brought buttons to use as markers and gave sticker strips as prizes. The bingo cards came from a website where you can design your own cards. I had some extra cards so they could change for a card that might be luckier if they wanted. I think they liked the vocabulary lesson.

More snow has fallen.  These pictures were taken out the back window.

This is a cross stitch turkey I made in 1989.  It has glass, so getting a picture was a little tricky.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. We don't have Thanksgiving in NZ either but I think it is a wonderful custom to have a dinner and for everyone to think of what they are thankful for. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for having met you through your blog and wish you and Ted a very happy Hokkaido Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving in spirit!! Mike and I are keeping it simple, since it is just the two of us this year, but many phone calls around the States will be made! Wishing you and Ted well!