Friday, November 9, 2012

Hokkaido Shrine

We continue to try to make the most out of however many fall days we have left before the snow falls.  We took another trip to Sapporo to Maruyama Park and visited the Hokkaido Shrine, then the zoo again. It was a beautiful day.  I visited this shrine with Miwako in the summer, but this was Ted’s first visit here. People always seem to be coming at going at the shrines and everyone seems to know the “rules” on what to do.  There’s always a place to wash your hands and at the door to the building there is a slotted box where people throw in the five yen coin and clap twice, bow twice, and pray.  Even little children know what to do.  Simplicity is good.

We like going to the zoo.  As sad as it is to see animals in small cages, it is also fascinating to be able to see them so close.  When we went to the Maruyama Zoo a few weeks ago we bought season passes.  Every trip after today will be free.  My favorites at this zoo are the red panda and the reptile house, but I have to say I like most of the animals there.



  1. Seems like your good weather is continuing. Long may the snow hold off so that you and ted can enjoy your outings.

  2. Wow! Gorgeous photos and I love red pandas :) How nice to have a zoo so close with seasonal passes