Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to the Gym

Now that the snow has arrived, it’s hard to exercise outside.  Ted wants to stay in shape for his many outdoor activities and I don’t want to get any more maru, so it’s time to hit the indoor gym again.  It’s just a two minute walk from our apartment to the university building.  Ted was in shorts as it snowed yesterday morning; I prefer covering my legs when it’s snowing.

We went early to avoid the crowds of sports students who arrive around 8:30 am.

Before leaving the building, I stopped to take a look at the one English newspaper in the library.  The sports page featured sumo wrestling and the Osaka marathon.

Later in the day, we went to the Big American Store to stock up before the roads get so bad we can’t get out of town.

What have I been stitching?
I’ve been working on some small gifts. Here’s one ornament that I just finished and soon to be in the mail to our friends Kazu and Yoh.


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  1. I remember how the snow severely curtailed travel. Everything becomes much more of an effort doesn't it? But think of all the stitching time there will be as you sit cosily beside your heater/stove. Great that you have a gym so handy. Tell Ted I think he must be a real hardy sort to be in shorts when it's snowing - I'm too cold blooded for that!