Thursday, June 5, 2014

Farmer Ted

If you are a long time reader, you know that we’ve had a garden in a community garden space the last two years.  Summers are short in Hokkaido.  By the time the snow melts and it warms up enough to plant, it’s June.  Planting time is very busy for Ted, because he also has camping, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor photo, and nature watching field trips in early summer.  He plans ahead and gets the seeds started on our balcony.  Here are some planting photos from last weekend.

Last year we had broccoli, but we decided not to put it in this year.  Some bugs ate the leaves and we didn’t get much broccoli anyway.  New this year – Potatoes!  Again this year – tomatoes, cucumbers, kabocha, green peppers, two kinds of beans, several kinds of lettuce, onions, corn, and maybe a few more things I can’t remember right now. We like working in the dirt and love eating the fresh vegetables we grow.  Although I’m limited in what I can say to our garden neighbors, I do like to see and talk with them.  Gardening is good for us.

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  1. And besides all that, produce is PRICEY in Japan, isn't it?=)