Monday, June 18, 2012

Farm Chores

With Ted gone on the canoe/camping/fishing field trip, I was on my own to do the chores around the farm this weekend. I could have taken the bus to get to there, but the bus runs on a schedule that wasn’t convenient with the schedule I was on, so I walked. It took about 40 minutes each way.

I’m sure I’m a sight walking along with a big watering bucket and my weeding claw and jacket and all.

There is a huge cemetery on the way to the farm.  I think it must be the only one in town. Near the sidewalk, outside of the cemetery, I saw this.

You see these all around here.  One time at a party, I tried to ask a Buddhist monk about these little statues and why they wear bonnets and capes and bibs.  He thought I was asking why his head was shaved. I know it is hard to believe, but I am often misunderstood here.  I am still wondering about the bonnets and also about all the little gifts in front.  Another mystery in Hokkaido.

I was prepared to say hello and make a comment about the nice weather in Japanese to another farmer once I got to the farm, but my preparation was wasted – no one was there and no one else came the entire time I was there. Maybe next time….

I used my claw tool to remove the weeds.  Pulling weeds has a therapeutic aspect to it. It’s good when the garden is in order.  Some of the little corn plants withered away, but the others are growing and starting to look like miniature corn stalks. 

I watered everything well, then walked home. Mission accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I lived in Japan about three years ago before I had my kids and absolutely loved it. We're trying to teach them Japanese and are hoping to return in the future.

Perhaps the statue you saw is Jizo? Google him for more info. I'm definitely not an expert on Buddhism but that's my guess...