Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Library Book

As I’ve written before, there is a limited selection of English books at the public library here. As I was getting ready to go up the steps to go to the English section, I noticed the children’s section and decided to take a look.  Some of the children’s books have a combination of kanji and hiragana.  I think these are books that the parent can read to the child.  Some, like the one I checked out, are picture books with only hiragana.  This one is a cute story of a little girl who rides the train, taking a gift (omeyage)  to her grandmother, and animals keep joining her on the train.  There are some “words” I can’t figure out and I think they must be sounds that the train or the animals make. I’m going to return this one and check out another hiragana book.

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Kate said...

I love that the snake has a dress on and a purse around her neck! so cute! thanks for sharing!