Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday Photo Hike

When it’s your birthday month, you get to decide what to do.  Yesterday Ted decided on a photography hike in the forest.  We had been there skiing in the winter and a few weeks ago when the snow was almost gone, the streams rushing, and the ground bare except for some wild flowers.  What we saw yesterday did not look like the same place. Everything was lush and green.

Ted gave me some pointers on taking pictures, like lining up a light colored plant with a dark background to make it show up more.

He patiently listened to me pointing out everything I could with my limited Japanese vocabulary – Chiisai tori desu; Midori ki desu; Mushi atsui ja arimasen; Samui kaze desu ka; Ookii mushi desu; Warui kodomo desu; kirei na hana desu.

I’ve had a bad case of poison ivy for over a month now.  I had to have come in contact with it before the leaves were even out, so I didn’t have a chance to identify and avoid it. I saw it everywhere in the forest this time and I did my best to avoid it. Time will tell.

Along with poison ivy, I was surprised to see other plants I recognized from the US. Being on the other side of the world, I expect everything to be different.  Not so.

 The happy birthday photographer and I had a pleasant afternoon.

I haven’t made the cheese cake yet.  Our little refrigerator is too full.  We have to eat some things before the cake will fit.

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